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Ape Leather

Black Leather Two Row Pyramid Belt

Black Leather Two Row Pyramid Belt

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Handmade in Los Angeles, CA  by Ape Leather

Materials: Leather, pyramid studs

Description: This is a high quality leather belt with two rows of pyramid studs. It has a removable buckle. It  adjusts with 5 holes at 1" increments. The sizes shown are at the middle hole. Example a 34 would cover from 32 - 36". PLEASE MEASURE YOURSELF AT THE PLACE ON YOUR BODY WHERE YOU WILL BE WEARING THIS BELT TO INSURE PROPER FIT. DO NOT USE YOUR WAIST SIZE. Made from only real leather from hides, not bonded leather.

Sizing tips: What size is your waist? MEASURE YOUR WAIST IT IS NOT YOUR PANTS SIZE. Your waist size is also not your belt size. A regular waist belt should be 2" larger than your WAIST size. If you are going to wear this on the hips it should be even larger than that. If you can, please measure yourself at the place where you are going to be wearing this belt and go from there by adding 2".
If you already have a belt that is worn like you are going to wear this one please measure it from the fold at the buckle to the hole you wear it on and use that measurement.

  • Small 30-34"
  • Med 32-36"
  • Large 34-38"
  • X-Large 38-42"
  • XXLarge 40-44"
  • XXXLarge 42-46"
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