Our Story

The Early Years

It began in 2016. With our backgrounds in art and music ranging from industrial to goth to heavy metal, we expressed our unconventional sense of style by wearing punk, goth and alternative fashions. With alternative fashions being so varied, yet specific, there were few places in Austin carried exactly the looks we loved that we could get at our favorite shops in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and online. Shopping online and out-of-state was such a drag. And so, the original Bloody Rose Boutique was born, providing a unique shopping experience on wheels.

To make our dream a reality, we painstakingly transformed a 1995 GMC delivery van into a cozy 85-square-foot mobile boutique. For the first time, Austin shoppers could find an unexpected mashup of Melrose, St. Marks and Camden Town, infused with a dash of European styling, in one location.

With limited space, we carefully curated a quality collection of offbeat local, domestic, and imported designs in a setting unlike anywhere else in Austin. Bloody Rose Boutique quickly became a cult classic. People enjoyed being able to touch, try on, and leave immediately with their favorite European brands without the hassles of international shipments getting caught up in customs, or having to make international exchanges. Loyal customers followed us to festivals, block parties and special events, while new shoppers found hidden treasures within the van’s walls.

In 2017, we took Bloody Rose Boutique to the next level by launching our official website. Now customers from across the country could browse a much broader selection of everything from hoodies to purses to pillows—all in the comfort of their homes or from their smart phones.

Now & Into the Future

Our vision of a storefront became a reality in 2018 when we opened our North Loop location. We’re excited to share this turning point and urge you to stop by for the edgiest looks from brands like Queen of Darkness, ReStyle, Sourpuss, Too Fast, Blackcraft Cult, Punk Rave, Rockin' Bones, and more. Now Bloody Rose Boutique is stocking great new styles straight from Austin, TX and Poland, Germany, UK, Switzerland, Lithuania, New York, New Jersey and California. We hope to remain a vital source to the Austin indie fashion scene while growing our customer base.

The shop is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday, while our mobile boutique is available for special events and pop-ups. Click on Find Us for our Address, Directions, Hours and Events Schedule.

We’d like to thank our loyal customers who’ve helped make Bloody Rose Boutique what it is today. Thanks for stopping by!

- Nikke & Sebastian

Nikke Sebastian