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Lucifer - 4oz Candle

Lucifer - 4oz Candle

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"C'mon, Sam. Pay attention to me. I'm bored."

Ahh, the good ole times when Lucifer almost drove Sam to death simply by being annoying. He's pure evil with flair, and while it's easy to hate him, it's also kinda hard not to love him 

His candle smells of ozone, the charged, crisp air of a storm, salt, and subtle, warm hints of fire. 

The candles all come in amber jars & the wax is the natural color of soy.

All candles are made with 100% soy wax and pthalate-free fragrance oils. You may notice a slight amount of frosting over time, but this in no way affects the burn time or scent of your candle - it's simply the nature of all-natural soy wax.
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