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Lipstick - Unisex T-Shirt

Lipstick - Unisex T-Shirt

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Take a look inside the Blitz Club, circa 1981 with photographer Dick Scott-Stewart.

Scott-Stewart was a freelance photographer and an admirer of the great European and American black and white photographers, using high contrast and a vivid use of light and dark to distinctively portray those with “a withdrawal from and opposition to the realities of the present”, who he saw “escaping...into their music, their dress style, their meeting places” during the late 1970s and post-punk era in London.

“Scott-Stewart related most strongly to those he saw as facing certain struggles in life, who lived on the periphery. His images of youth subculture reflect how individuals congregate, survive in their groups and strive to move against the tide of the mainstream." - Anna Sparham, Museum of London

Sizing: Unisex

• 100% Organic Cotton
• Printed in London
• Certified sweatshop-free

Photo ©1981 Dick Scott-Stewart

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