Deathless Church Candle
Deathless Church Candle

Deathless Church Candle

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Seize the Night, with black wax and moon light.

- Glass Container.
- Skull Design.
- Black Soy-Wax [Vegan].
- Scented.
- Size - 21.5cm/8.4” x 7cm/2.7”.

Our new church candles are literal perfection - exxxtra tall black glass container with all-black soy wax - scented with blackberry - and contrasting graphic. The perfect gift for yer bff, coven pals or yourself - to complete yer crypt in dark style!

Adds a touch of satanic darkness to any crypt - and is, of course, the no-brainer gift to your goth-palz.

100% Soy Wax with KILLSTAR Branding

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