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Goth Box

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GOTH BLOCK SPF 50 sunscreen sachets keep goths looking ghostly, fashionista complexions milky, and helps the tatted keep their ink fresh. Our new formulation goes on easier, smoother and stays put.

So, when the shade fades and the sun comes out- for max-emo protection, oh my goth, please, BLOCK OUT!

Love water sports? Love the great outdoors? Heads up! - We've been tried and tested by Surfrider Foundation and GOTH BLOCK holds up in the water, is non-toxic, does not sting your eyes and keeps you burn free.

Each box comes with 10 sachets. Each sachet is 4ml and a little goes a long way. So, cover yourself or share with a friend. Squish well before opening. Rub in hands and smooth on. Easy size to stash in your wallet, backpack, glove box...where ever!

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